General Science Teaching Materials
A range of teaching materials covering Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Sport. Suitable for use with students aged 11-18.

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Combined Pack of Teaching Material eBooks
A combined pack of all of the Curriculum material eBooks
Order No. 3531
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Biology (14-18) eBook
A 400 page eBook containing a comprehensive collection of over 70 practical Biology activities for the 14-18 age group supported by detailed Teacher's notes, these activities provide reliable data...
Order No. 3522
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Chemistry (14-18) eBook
55 datalogging experiments for Chemistry covering a wide range of ability levels and curriculum requirements for this ages 14-18.
Order No. 3524
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Physics (14-18) Motion & Forces eBook
44 practical activities for 14 – 18 year olds to support GCSE, AS and A Level courses covering the field of kinematics / mechanics.
Order No. 3528
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Physics (14-18) : Electricity & Heat eBook
62 practical activities for 14 – 18 year olds to support GCSE, AS and A Level courses.
Order No. 3529
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Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook
This is a comprehensive collection of 24 practical datalogging activities for ages 14-18, supported by detailed teacher's notes. Including both traditional and modern investigations, these activit...
Order No. 3530
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Physics (11-14) eBook
37 practical datalogging activities designed to cover data logging opportunities in teaching the core Physics curriculum from entry up to the GCSE years.
Order No. 3525
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Biology (11-14) ebook
These 22 carefully selected practical activities for 11 – 14 year olds will help to teach the core Biology curriculum. The worksheets are designed to produce reliable results, taking away the he...
Order No. 3521
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Chemistry (11 -14) eBook
21 useful datalogging activities support the core Chemistry curriculum for ages 11-14.
Order No. 3523
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5 Minute Activities
The FREE 5 minutes activites are a collection of scientific investigations which involve logging for short time periods with a range of different sensors.    ...
Order No. DO239
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Science At Work (11-16) eBook
This collection of over 25 carefully selected practical activities for EasySense software that place data logging firmly in a real context.
Order No. 3520
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Science in Sport (11-18) eBook
The experiments are based around how science interacts with sport.  They look at how science is involved in all areas of sport from timing, distance measurement, materials technology and performa...
Order No. 3532
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A Level Practical Skills Matches
Second Edition: A-Level Required Practical Activities. Following from its successful launch last year, this free eBook has been substantially revised to include new practical activities and even tigh...
Order No. DO249
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GCSE Required Practical Activities
These worksheets are designed to work with the new practical skills assessment for GCSEs in England.  
Order No. DO252
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