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This teaching pack offers 5 complete sets of sensors and teaching materials specifically tailored towards physics motion & forces for ages 14-18.

Includes a Gratnells storage tray with lid as part of The Data Harvest EasyCart System.

Included Sensors:

  • 10 x 3250 Light Gates
  • 5 x 3143 Force Sensors
  • 5 x 3280 Rotary Motion Sensors
  • 5 x 3288 Rotary Motion Accessory Kit

Teaching Materials:

  • 1 x 3521 Physics Motion & Forces 14-18 eBook


Part of the EasyCart range.

Motion & Forces eBook

  • 01 Introducing the Motion sensor 
  • 03 Measuring speeds on a track 
  • 07 Acceleration (calculated by students) 
  • 12 Motion down an inclined plane using a Light gate and spoked pulley 
  • 13 Motion up and down an inclined plane 
  • 14 Simple harmonic motion 
  • 18 Relationship between period and the length of the pendulum 
  • 19 The relationship between a pendulum period and its’ amplitude 
  • 23 Acceleration due to gravity using a picket fence and Light Gate 
  • 26 Newton’s second law 
  • 28 Conservation of linear momentum 
  • 29 Explosions and recoil 
  • 31 The bungee jump – resultant forces 
  • 34 Centripetal force in a pendulum 
  • 35 Conservation of angular momentum (1) 
  • 38 Investigating the work energy law W=dEk 
  • 39 Forces acting on a floating object 
  • 40 How does upthrust change as an object sinks into a liquid? 


5x (3288) Rotary Motion Accessory Kits
5x (3280) Rotary Motion Sensors
5x (3143) Force Sensors
10x (3250) Light Gates
1x (3528) Physics L3 Motion & Forces eBook

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5x Physics Teaching Pack Motion & Forces 5x Physics Teaching Pack Motion & Forces
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