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A solar panel (photovoltaic cell) has special components that transfer the sun’s radiation directly into electricity.

This set includes the solar panel, a motor box, a buzzer box and a LED box so you can explore powering these components using the electricity generated by the photovoltaic cell.

What this set comes with:
  • High-quality solar panel (output 3 V 80 mA) connected to 4 mm stackable plugs
  • LED module
  • Motor module
  • Buzzer module
  • Instructions and activity sheets
The worksheets provided for this kit are:
  • Is the voltage produced by the solar electric panel dependent on the level of light? (Use a Voltage 3160-12 and Light level 3124 sensor).
  • How much power is produced by the solar panel? (Use a Voltage 3160-12 , Light level 3124 and Current 3166 sensor).
  • Does the angle/position of the solar panel have any effect? (Use a Voltage 3160-12 , Light level 3124 and Current 3166 sensor).

This set can be used as it is or you can add a Data Logger and Voltage sensor (3160-12) to monitor changes in voltage output under different light conditions (e.g. sunshine, shade and artificial light) and a Light level sensor (3124) to find out how strong the light needs to be to produce a voltage. 


1x Solar Panel
1x LED Module
1x Motor Module
1x Buzzer Module
Activity Sheets

Available Resources

Downloads Alternative Energy Pack
Doc No.: DO156 | Issue: 2

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Solar Photovoltaic Set
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