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A huge A Level Matches sensor pack carefully designed to offer maximum flexibility and subject coverage at an affordable price.

Includes Gratnells storage tray with lid as part of The Data Harvest EasyCart System.



Part of the EasyCart range.


1x (3124) Light Level Sensor
1x (3100) Temperature Sensor
1x (3280) Rotary Motion Sensor
1x (3288) Rotary Motion Accessory Pack
1x (3142) Gas Pressure Sensor - Absolute 0 to 700 kPa
1x (3138) Gas Pressure Sensor Accessory Pack
1x (3270) Motion Sensor
1x (3143) Force Sensor
2x (3250) Light Gates
1x (3803) Interrupt Card Set
1x (3160-12) Voltage Sensor - Differential ±12 V
2x (3166) Current Sensors - ±100 mA
2x (3175) Sound Sensors
1x (3285) Laser Module

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A Level Physics Teaching Pack A Level Physics Teaching Pack A Level Physics Teaching Pack
Order No. : CSP009

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