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A Smart Bluetooth and USB compatible sensor.

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This sensor is both Bluetooth and USB compatible. It can wirelessly connect directly to a PC, Apple Mac, Tablet or Phone.

Use in combination with other Smart Wireless Sensors or loggers in the EasySense range.

The Wireless Smart pH Sensor has both a pre-set calibration range (so the sensor is ready for immediate use in Chemistry or Biology) and a user calibration range.

The adaptor also offers a 1000mV range for use with ORP & ISE Electrodes.

Please note - this is the pH adaptor only. Please see 1110PK for a pH pack including a pH electrode.


  • Testing acids and alkalis
  • Acid-Base titrations
  • Acid rain
  • Water quality




1x (1110) Wireless Smart pH Adaptor

1x (3021) Mini USB Lead

Sensor Ranges:

Range Name Value Resolution Accuracy
pH 0 to 14 pH
ORP / ISE 0 to 1000mV

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Wireless Smart pH Adaptor Wireless Smart pH Adaptor
Order No. : 1110

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