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The Learn & Go controller is a clever little box that offers an easy first step into the world of control, without needing a computer. It enables pupils to progress from using a switch in a simple circuit to ‘programming’ a sequence of on/off switch actions to bring pictures to life and movement to models. 

Learn & Go can be thought of as an intelligent switch box with a memory. It is able to remember, or learn, the order in which switches are pressed, how long each switch is held down, and how long between the presses. Learn & Go can then ‘play back’, from memory, the sequence of switch actions that a pupil has made.

Learn & Go can control electrical components (Outputs) such as bulbs, buzzers, motors, and LED lights in a child’s model e.g. flashing light displays or moving fairground rides.

Learn & Go will require a supply of power – use either a 6 V main power supply (3611-2) or 6 V batteries (connected via the battery snap supplied - 6339). 

Learn & Go Controller has 4 pairs of 4 mm Output sockets to which buzzers, bulbs, LEDs and motors can be connected

The output voltage from Version 3 (or higher) of Learn & Go is dependant on the input voltage, so if powered by a 6 V power supply or a 6 V battery use 6 V rated electronic components.



1x (6249A) Learn & Go Controller
1x (6339) Battery Snap

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Doc No.: DO227 | Issue: 2

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