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Build, Program (Code) & Control with this engaging Robotics set aimed at students
from 8 to 18+ years old.


Design and build fully-functioning models using coding to bring them to life. Test and debug in real time before downloading the completed programs into the models using the supplied Flowchart control software.

In addition to the flowchart programming language this set is supplied with the small helper application; Scratch Bridge. This allows the robots to be controlled using the standard Scratch 2 software. A range of new blocks are added to Scratch offering commands to drive the motors and read all of the sensors supplied in the set.

The Set

Offering full compatability with Scratch, this set opens up new opportunities for younger or new coders to quickly move from simple on-screen simualtions to controlling real robots!

The set can build any one of thirteen different models, each with varying and progressive levels of challenge for both construction and coding. The build instructions, student worksheets and teacher guides for each model are supplied as printed materials or as freely downloadable PDF's.

The Models:

Robot Dog Airplane Ball Factory
Walking Robot Robot Dog Airplane Ball Factory
Insect T-Rex Car Search & Rescue
Stryder Insect T-Rex Car Line Chaser Search & Rescue


The Challenges

Stryder Insect

One insect not to be scared by! This night crawling, disco dancing insect will keep you partying for hours. Stryder also features 2 motor controls to perform his special moves and an LED to see in the dark. You had best beware! He can see you coming with his ultrasonic distance sensor... Can you stop him dancing?

Line Tracker

Set loose the RCV to follow the undersea internet cables, searching for breaks. His job & help to ensure the city is always online. Always ready to go to work the robot creeps along the cable and alerting the operator when there is a problem. Even in the darkest depths, its powerful light and line detector keep him on track. Can you save the city and keep it connected?

Robot Cleaner

The Broom with Vroom! Let this little robot tirelessly roam around your house, keeping it clean! Use the ultra-sonic sensor to detect and avoid objects such as furniture, walls and people! Can you program the robot to alter course to avoid bumping onto things?


Forget games and on-screen simulations, After building this amazing model airplane, your task is to program its auto pilot to control the warning lights, engine speed and landing gear. What’s the correct sequence for taking-off or landiing? Get it wrong and its game over!

Easy Start

Four of the models are designed to provide a simple introduction to both construction and coding. Developed specifically for younger students, or first time users, they are suitable for students aged 8 and above.

Elevators Pirate Boat Jet Ride Truck
Dual Elevators Pirate Boat Jet Ride Truck


Flowchart Software

Bridge Software

Scratch Software

The Flowchart Coding Software

The Robotics set includes a full site licence of the Flowchart Control Software.

Use the low-threshold, high ceiling, industry standard flowchart based programming language to program, test and debug all of the supplied model designs, or create and code your own robots!

Finished code is compiled and downloaded into the interface, for completely independent, free standing robots!

The Scratch Bridge Application

Scratch Bridge connects the standard Scratch 2 program (A free download from MIT ) to the controller.

Students code using Scratch to control the Robots in real-time. New block commands in Scratch allow motor and output control, along with the ability to receive and respond to feedback from all of the sensors.

Use Scratch with the Scratch Bridge App to introduce the models in this set to younger or first time coders. Scratch is a great introduction to coding all of the models, especially when connected to them wirelessly! (see the optional Wi-Fi module below)


A Complete STEM Solution

Includes everything required to teach STEM through robotics design & programming.

Component descriptions:

Motor Distance Light / Colour Push Button

With both direction and speed control, the built-in encoder returns distance and rotation information.

Distance Sensor

Detect objects from 12cm to 3m away.

Light & Colour Sensor

Use the dual Light Sensor to detect and compare reflected light levels.

Push Button Sensor

A digital on/off sensor.

Use motor positional feedback and the colour sensor to program the line chaser model to follow different colour lines Detect the altitude of the Airplane model to trigger raising and lowering of the undercarriage Use the Sensor to determine which way to turn the line chaser to stay on-the-line, or in Colour mode, follow the Green line! Program the arm on the Ball Factory to stop and open the jaws at exactly the correct stop position.
LED Interface Sound Microphone
Tricolour L.E.D

Three L.E.D colour output.

Graphical L.C.D Display

Program to display graphics as part of the program.

Sound Sensor (built-in)

Measure sound levels.

Speaker (built-in)

Play back sound samples.

On the Ball Factory, use Red to warn of 'danger machine operating' and Green when it is safe to approach. Use custom graphics to show the Robot's heart beat! Make the model react to noise. Use real Airplane sounds!

Wireless Option

In addition to the built-in USB connection, optionally add a Wi-Fi module, for remote control using both the Flowchart software and Scratch.

Connect to an existing school network, or the Controller can create its own network. Program, control and receive feedback (for debugging) without wires!


800x Model Parts
1x Control Inteface (mains or battery operated)
4x Motors
1x Distance Sensor
1x Push Button Sensor
1x Colour & Light Sensor
1x LED Outputs (Tri-Colour)
1x Built-in Microphone
1x Built-in Speaker
1x USB Cable
1x Mains Power Supply
1x Scratch Bridge App (CD, Site Licence)
Free download: Flowchart Control Software (Site Licence)
Free download: Build Instructions
Free download: Teacher Guide & Student Worksheets

Available Resources

Downloads Build Instructions Elevators
Doc No.: do257 | Issue: 1
Downloads Build Instructions Pirate Boat
Doc No.: do256 | Issue: 1
Downloads Build Instructions Truck
Doc No.: do258 | Issue: 1
Downloads Build Instructions Airplane
Doc No.: n/a | Issue: 1
Downloads Build Instructions Ball Factory
Doc No.: n/a | Issue: 1
Downloads Build Instructions Basketball Game
Doc No.: n/a | Issue: 1
Downloads Build Instructions Guard Dog
Doc No.: n/a | Issue: 1
Downloads Build Instructions Search and Rescue
Doc No.: n/a | Issue: 1
Downloads Combined Build Instructions Stryder Insect, Walking Robot, Line Tracker
Doc No.: n/a | Issue: 1
Downloads Build Instructions T-Rex Car
Doc No.: n/a | Issue: 1
Downloads Teachers Guide
Doc No.: n/a | Issue: 1
Downloads User Guide
Doc No.: n/a | Issue: 1
Downloads Build Instructions Jet Ride
Doc No.: do259 | Issue: 1
Downloads Firmware Update
Doc No.: 0 | Issue: 1.3
Version 1.3
  • Updates and bug fixes.


Downloads Flowchart Software
Doc No.: na | Issue: 1
Version 1
  • Initial Release


Downloads Scratch Bridge User Guide
Doc No.: do261 | Issue: 1.2

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