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Use this Go Control Software Upgrade to upgrade from a Single user licence to a Site Licence OR to trade in your existing control software to a Go Control Site Licence (simply return the original control software with your order). 

Designed to be used both as a stand-alone simulation and a real control application (with the addition of suitable Control Interfaces) Go is suitable for use with students as young as 8 years old, yet offers all of the high level features required for students aged up to 18.

Pushing the boundaries forward, Go provides all of the features and functions you are used to, and a whole host of exciting new ones. A finalist in the 2009 BETT Awards, Go is the very latest in Control Software. Based around industry standard flowcharting standards it offers a graphical programming environment that is both simple to use and highly functional. 

Town ACEs:
  • Zebra Crossing
  • Bridge Lights
  • Cross Roads
  • Pelican Crossing
  • Town Hall
  • Train Level Crossing
Model Pack One ACEs:
  • Fairground
  • Lighthouse
  • Car Alarm
Model Pack Two ACEs :
  • Traffic Light
  • Bee
  • Washing Machine
Compatible interfaces for Go Software :
  • FlowGo
  • Solo 18
  • Solo 28
  • Contact Controller
  • Contact Controller +

Available Resources

Downloads Go Software User Guide
Doc No.: DO172 | Issue: 2
Downloads Ace Town
Doc No.: DO203 | Issue: 2

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Go Control Software (Upgrade) Go Control Software (Upgrade) Go Control Software (Upgrade)
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