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ACE Construction Site - 5 challenges with sound and animation.

For 8-14 years of age.

Night Security
Night Security:
  • Tasks include using the floodlights and gates to make the site secure at night. 
  • 3 inputs are the sun, gates open and gates closed feedback switches and 4 outputs are three floodlights and the gates motor.

The Cement Mixer
The Cement Mixer:
  • The workman arrives automatically with the wheelbarrow. The task is to fill his barrow with mix each time he arrives for a load. 
  • 3 inputs are mixer upright, mixer tipped and barrow in position feedback switches and 2 outputs are a drum to rotate the mix and a hand-wheel to empty the mix into a wheelbarrow.

The Dumper Truck
The Dumper Truck:
  • The tasks include using the scoop to shovel up soil from a pile, transfer it into the trucks rear trailer and then emptying the trailers load to a different location. 
  • 8 inputs are scoop full, scoop up, scoop down, tipper up, tipper down, tipper full, stop left, stop right and 3 outputs are truck motor, scoop motor and tip motor.

The Crane
The Crane:
  • The crane is used to transport a stack of bricks from the gates to the scaffold. The task is to move the bricks that are automatically delivered to the gate to the right point on the scaffold, so the workman can collect the bricks. 
  • 5 inputs are bricks ready, drop point, collect, hook bottom and hook top and 2 outputs are spine crane motor and hook motor.

The Skip Lorry
The Skip Lorry:
  • The task is to deliver an empty skip to the building site and position in a marked area; after it fills (automatically) it should then be transported off the site. 
  • 5 inputs are skip up, skip down, stop, skip full, off site and 4 outputs are cab lights, reverse light, lorry motor and skip motor.

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ACE Construction Site - (8-14) ACE Construction Site - (8-14) ACE Construction Site - (8-14) ACE Construction Site - (8-14) ACE Construction Site - (8-14) ACE Construction Site - (8-14) ACE Construction Site - (8-14) ACE Construction Site - (8-14) ACE Construction Site - (8-14)
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