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ACE Key Stage 3 Pack is 3 control challenges.

For 11-14 years of age.

A car park barrier
A car park barrier:
  • The barrier is used to control the entry or exit of cars into the car park. It needs a method of detecting when a car wants to enter or leave, have a safe system for controlling the entry of a car and be able to keep count of the number of spaces available. 
  • 8 inputs are sensors in the car park floor that activate if a car moves over it and feedback switches for the two barriers (up and down). The 5 outputs are for the stop, go and full signs and the two barrier motors.

  • There are two elements to monitor, temperature and light. The temperature inside the greenhouse can be regulated by opening or closing the window or by using a heater. A lamp can be used to boost the natural light level or to extend 'daylight' hours. 
  • 2 inputs for the window (open & closed), 2 sensor inputs for temperature and light level. The 3 outputs are for the lights, heater and window motor.

Log flume ride
Log flume ride:
  • The ride involves one or more boats riding through a channel of water. The ride needs a safety system to control the flow of boats so they don't collide. 
  • 9 inputs, 5 to detect the boats, 4 feedback switches for the two gates (open & closed). The 3 outputs are for the camera and the two gates.

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ACE Key Stage 3 Pack - (11-14) ACE Key Stage 3 Pack - (11-14) ACE Key Stage 3 Pack - (11-14)
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