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ACE Games is 5 challenges based on computer games. If you want to play, you have to program them first!

For 11-16 years of age.

  • This game is based on the sport of table tennis. A task could be to create a point scoring program which adds points to a players score when the opposing player fails to return the ball. 
  • 3 inputs are Player 1 miss, Player 2 miss and GO and 4 outputs are Player 1 miss, Player 2 miss, instructions, game over.

ACE Invaders
ACE Invaders:
  • The principle of this game is that a player controls a ship which is under attack by aliens. The task is to create a program that controls the alien’s progress, the player’s cannon, UFOs, the score and appropriate text messages. 
  • 10 inputs are GO, Fire, Aliens Left, Aliens Right, UFO L, UFO Right, Alien Hit, UFO Hit, You Win, Game Over and 8 outputs are Fire Shot, Score 10, Score 100, Instructions, You Win, Game Over, UFO, Aliens.

  • The object of the game is to guide five frogs to their lily pad homes, one by one across a busy road and river. The task is to create a program that displays instructions and messages, moves the lanes of traffic, logs and turtles, adds points to the score, etc. 
  • 4 inputs are GO, Frog Safe, Game Over, You Win and 12 outputs are Instructions, Score, Game Over, You Win, Dec Time, Traffic 1, Traffic 2, Traffic 3, River 1, River 2, River 3, River 4.

ACE Hit:
  • The principle of this game is that when the player hears the name of an object they respond by clicking on the relevant picture on the screen. The task is to create a program which randomly selects words to tell the player which item they have to select, sets a time limit, add points to the score, ends if the wrong item is hit, etc. 
  • 6 inputs are Ball, Spin top, Maracas, Accordion, Hammer, GO and 2 outputs are Score, Game Over.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Rock, Paper, Scissors:
  • The objective of this game is that the player (human) selects an object which defeats that selected randomly by the opponent (the computer). The task is to create a program that counts down, shows a picture of the object chosen by the human player or computer and adds points to the appropriate score. 
  • 4 inputs are Scissors, Rock, GO and 14 outputs are Computer Paper, Computer Scissors, Computer Rock, Human Paper, Human Scissors, Human Rock, You Win, You Lose, Computer Score, Human Score, Go, One, Two, Three.

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ACE Games - (11-16) ACE Games - (11-16) ACE Games - (11-16) ACE Games - (11-16) ACE Games - (11-16) ACE Games - (11-16)
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