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ACE Fairground with 4 animated challenges.

For 8-14 years of age.

The Roundabout
The Roundabout:
  • Tasks include a flashing light display, varying the speed of the roundabout, and including an emergency stop. 
  • 2 inputs are start and stop buttons and 4 outputs are white, orange and purple lights and the roundabout motor.

The ferris wheel
The Ferris Wheel:
  • Tasks include varying the speed of the Ferris wheel in both directions, loading and unloading the cars, and including an emergency stop. 
  • 4 inputs are start and stop buttons, car detector and gate open feedback switches and 1 output is the wheel motor. 

The Pirate Ship
The Pirate Ship:
  • The task is to create a ride program that will speed up and slow down the ship taking riders up and down to each level. 
  • 3 inputs are feedback switches for three different levels and 1 output is the motor drive wheel.

The Toy Vending Machine
The Toy Vending Machine:
  • Tasks include creating a program that waits for a coin to be inserted and a toy to be chosen then collects the appropriate toy and delivers it to the chute. 
  • 9 inputs are coin slot, at left, at right, claw up, claw open, monkey, giraffe, teddy, in chute and 7 outputs are red, yellow, blue and white lights, left/right motor, raise/lower motor, and open/close motor.

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ACE Fairground - (8-14) ACE Fairground - (8-14) ACE Fairground - (8-14) ACE Fairground - (8-14)
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