Perfect for STEM learning in schools, clubs and at home

Perfect for STEM learning in schools, clubs and at home

Publication Date: November 28th 2016


"Perfect for STEM learning in schools, clubs and at home"

This kit has huge potential in both educational and recreational settings.

The kit is impressive, providing clear, easy-to-follow instructions for building, with accompanying videos available. The free software is simple and quick to download and it allows control of the robot’s motors and sensors. The flowchart programming method is intuitive and easy to learn even if not familiar with this programming environment. The Teacher’s and User’s guides are very helpful, easy to understand and provide a wealth of additional and useful information. The Final Programmes provided for 5 of the 9 models mean that it is easy, not only to get started, but also to understand and apply the ideas to the other models suggested and your own creations.

Pupils were fascinated when the Bi-Ped robot was demonstrated in school. They were full of questions about how it worked, what it could do and how it could be controlled. They were delighted to know that they could build and learn to control the robot themselves; they thought it was a “proper robot”, not one they could build.

This is another fantastic, exciting and educational kit perfect for STEM learning in schools, clubs and at home. Highly recommended for ages 9/10 years to adult!

Review by Ann Larkham, K’NEXT Generation.


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