Genecon winner user letter

Genecon winner user letter

Publication Date: February 17th 2017

Exploring Electricity Class Pack "The pupils really enjoyed the activities and were engaged throughout, Thank you".


A couple of weeks ago I used the exploring electricity class pack with my year 8 who have been studying magnetism and electricity. The equipment was set up round the room as a circus of activities, and the pupils worked in small groups to work through them.

For each activity I used the questions from the teaching notes which made the pupils think about the Science, and provided good links between electricity and energy. The pupils experimented with how adding more light bulbs in parallel affects the effort needed to turn the Genecon, and observed the brightness of the lamps. They also observed how kinetic and electrical energy was transformed to heat by using the thermo powers (we had a competition to see who could make the temperature raise the quickest!).

Finally they investigated energy loss by using two Genecons attached to each other and recording the turns for each handle, calculating energy efficiency and discussing where the energy was lost to.

The pupils really enjoyed the activities and were engaged throughout, Thank you.

Miss Blissett and 8BR1, Brooklands Campus, Walton High

Brooklands Campus School were the winners of the ASE exploring electricity competition.

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