Investigation Primary Data Logging

If your school is serious about improving children’s science investigation skills then data logging will certainly help with this process. It’s fairly inexpensive, easy to use and robust when using outside of class so can cope if little hands do drop the unit.

Maggie Morrissey - Experienced primary science and technology coordinator.

Acceleration due to g PAG - Best results

We used the light gates for the acceleration due to g PAG and it worked really well and I’m happy to say the Data harvest equipment gave the best result. The dynamics system has found use for the GCSE too.

Andrew Symonds Swanshurst School Brook Lane | Billesley | Birmingham

VISION, Light Gates, Accelerometer, Dynamics

K'Nex Robotics Review - Build and Program Big Robots!

K'NEX is great for building fairly big robots in an reasonable amount of time. We love the way the models enable multiple people to get involved in the building. This works really well for siblings or a family activity as well as at clubs or in the classroom. The models are fantastic with plenty of variety. They definitely appealed to my kids.

Tech Age Kids

K'NEX Robotics Dog Model - Our Experience

We're really enjoying the K'Nex Robotics Kit as a great option for learning about robotics at home. Definitely worth considering for kids who are interested in robotics and want to develop their knowledge.

Tech Age Kids

Perfect for STEM learning in schools, clubs and at home.

This kit has huge potential for learning and fun: clear, easy-to-follow instructions for building, for downloading the software and for using the software. The flowchart programming language is intuitive and easy to get started with. Another fantastic exciting and educational STEM kit from K'NEX. Highly recommended!

Review by Ann Larkham, K’NEXT Generation

IOP - Portable electrostatic generator

Looking at our Van de Graaff taking up the most of a shelf in the prep room and looking at the Narika unit which could fit inside a shoe box, there doesn’t seem to be much of an argument in keeping the old one!

5 Star review by John Kinchin from the Institute of Physics.


IOP - Making dynamics experiments easy

One of the real joys was being able to carry out experiments that I had not been able to carry out before with any real success. The shear adaptability of the ramp made it very flexible and very easy to adapt to my needs.

5 Star review by John Kinchin from the Institute of Physics.


IOP - Logging with a self-contained unit

Alongside the logger, once paired with the Dynamics system (see separate review), you have a very powerful system for teaching a wide range of Physics.

4.8/5 Star review by John Kinchin from the Institute of Physics.


Vu Primary Data Logger - ASE Evaluated

If you have not yet invested in a set of data loggers then the EasySense Vu offers a good solution. The ASE

K'NEX Robotics helps bring our curriculum alive

K'NEX Robotics helps bring our curriculum alive helping children with problem solving, reasoning and logical skills and give them options to develop as people.

John O'Shea Head of Computing St Mary's Catholic School

K'NEX - A real 'buzz' around the school.

This is a great opportunity for our children to develop the IT skills, necessary for the modern world - the enthusiasm and excitement shown by the children having used the equipment for the first time was lovely to see and there is a real 'buzz' around the school.

Head Teacher Mrs Mary Johnson


The Vision data logger is marvellous, it is used several times a week, very popular.

Karen Vidler (Billericay School, Essex, CM12 9LH)

mOway review - Coombe Dean School, Plymouth

We have been using Moway Robots for the last 3 years with our Year 7 and 8 pupils and also for the occasional Primary liaison activity. They have been an integral part of our computing curriculum and the pupils have really enjoyed the chance to use them. The Moway robots have provided our pupils with the opportunity to understand the basics of programming in a fun and challenging way.

We first saw the Moway robots at the Bett Show and they have proved to be a great investment for us.

We are big supporters of data harvest products and I always make a point of checking out Data Harvest at the Bett Show.

Sue Hodges (Coombe Dean School, Plymouth)
Subject Leader for ICT


 Data Harvest came to my rescue with its i-gotU  GT120 GPS Travel Logger.

Data logger has multiple modes

Data Harvest is well known for easy-to-use and reliable dataloggers and EasySense VISION is no exception.

Institue Of Physics review by Chris Butlin

Data-logging breaks free of computers with VISION

Data-logging has suddenly got quicker. A lot quicker. Within two minutes of sitting down with Data Harvest's Barbara Higginbotham, we knew that the temperature was 22.3 degrees (the Royal Society for the Arts - RSA - likes to keep its premises comfortable), the humidity was surprisingly high at 58 per cent (well, it was pouring outside) and the sound level was an impressively low 50 decibels (a tribute to our whispers) but what do you expect in a library?

Read the full review from
Merlin John by clicking on the link below...

Hassle-free data-logging with the EasySense VISION

It simplifies procedures that were the bane of my teaching life.