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The Data Harvest EasyCart system provides a complete storage and learning solution for all your ICT in Science equipment needs.

Choose from our wide range of multi-award winning data loggers, available in class friendly 5 packs. Supplied in Gratnells trays for storage convenience, the tray also includes a built-in intelligent power supply that will recharge all of the loggers simultaneously.

Alongside the data logger trays, we have a wide range of EasyCart SmartQ sensor trays, each designed to perfectly match the relevant science subject area. Covering Physics, Biology & Chemistry at ages 11 to 18 each sensor tray also includes a set of teaching materials, age appropriate and matched to the sensors contained in the pack.

Many of the SmartQ sensor trays include 5 sets of the sensors, (matching the data logger packs). The A-Level sensor packs are single sets, more appropriate for use in the often smaller and more personalised teaching environment of post 16 education.

In addition to Data Logging and Sensor trays, we have a number of exciting ICT additions, such as the versatile SmartMicroScopes (USB & Wi-Fi versions are available), the ever popular Genecon range of Hand Held Generators and Accessories and the amazing hand held Electrostatic set.

All of the EasyCart trays are standard double depth Gratnells trays, and are supplied with plastic lids, making them easy to move around the department and store in existing racking or optionally, in one of the 3, 6 or 9 bay trolleys we also offer.

The EasyCart system is fully customisable, click below to start building your cart now....


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