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Returns Policy

Please follow these instructions fully or your repair may be delayed. When returning goods to Data Harvest, please download and complete the repair return form to ensure you have sent us all the information we require, and send it to us alongside the item to be repaired. The second page of this form includes a return address label. 

If you have purchased a Data Harvest manufactured product via a different company please also supply proof of purchase.

Postage charges

  • In the event of a fault developing the product must be returned in suitable packaging to Data Harvest for repair or replacement at no expense to the user other than postal charges.
  • There will be no postal charge for the return of repaired goods to any mainland UK address (for other areas, additional shipping charges may apply).

Out of warranty repairs

The minimum repair and service charge costs are as follows:

  • VISION and QAdvanced data loggers, cost £65 (excluding VAT)
  • Other items that are still being manufactured and are less than 7 years old cost £50 (excluding VAT). Please bear in mind that it is more economical to replace items with a value of less than £50.
  • Items that are no longer manufactured or are more than 7 years old are considered beyond economical repair.

Any items accepted for repair will be fully inspected.

When returning goods to Data Harvest, please include the following:

  • A repair return form and send it to us alongside the item to be repaired.
  • An official order to cover the cost of the repair.

Once an item has been serviced and repaired the product will have 1 year warranty against further failure of the component repaired.

International Returns

Please contact the authorised Data Harvest representative in your country for assistance in returning equipment for repair. 

WEEE directive

If upon inspection Data Harvest discovers that the item cannot be economically repaired you will be informed. Unless requested the items will not be returned to you; we will arrange for them to be disposed of in accordance with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive. A 'notification of disposal' document can be supplied free of charge. If you want the item returned then you will be charged the return postage costs.